Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love It When He Takes Me to Dinner

We took a late drive yesterday to Naches which is 12 miles on the other side of Yakima. The fall leaves are out and I had a hankering for some home-cooking, just not mine. There's a sweet little restaurant called the Sticky Fingers Bakery in the little, one-horse town of Naches. Gene got a Reuben sandwich and I ordered a sinful, sirloin burger. The breads are homemade. I snapped a few pics along the way as that was my real reason for wanting to get out. I didn't get the greatest shots yesterday but it was fun nonetheless.

Gene liked this tree
We stopped in Prosser for just a minute to take a photo or two along the river, just off the bridge. We love to go to Prosser on Saturdays as they have a neat little Hospice thrift store but we were too late this day as they had already closed. 

Prosser, WA - famous for its wineries
Apples. Not sure what kind but we think maybe Pink Ladies

We drove back on the Old Naches Hwy. Nice road for m/c next year!

Teapot Dome Service Station (see info below about this National Historic Place)
The Teapot Dome Service Station was built in 1922 on what later became U.S. Route 12. The building has a circular frame with a conical roof, sheet metal "handle," and a concrete "spout." The station was intended to be a reminder of the Teapot Dome Scandal that rocked the presidency of Warren G. Harding and sent Interior Secretary Albert Fall to prison for his role in leasing government oil reserves in, among other places, Teapot Dome, Wyoming. The unique service station continued operation as a full service gas station.

Moon over Richland

 I couldn't believe my eyes on our trip back when the moon started rising out of the horizon about 5:00 p.m. This photo does not do it justice but I was in a moving car. I love the little scratch of cloud moving across the moon.  It was the cherry on top of the cake as far as road trips go!


  1. Yup, nice day.. we had seen the Tea Pot Dome Service station from the freeway, but had to take the exit to really give it a look and take a couple of pictures. I thought there was some connect to the Tea Pot Dome scandal, but for some reason I thought it was during the Truman Presidency, so learned something from the blog, when I found out it was earlier during the Harding Administration.. Boy I have forgotten or misplaced a lot of history that I once knew.. but the last time I actually studied American History formally in a school setting was 1968.. so I guess it is bound to slip a bit in 42 years ...

  2. Love the pictures, Susan! Did you know that my ancestors settled in Washington after they moved west from Tennessee in the early 1880s? My gg grandmother, Josephine Edwards McMahan, settled the area around Mossyrock in Lewis County.

  3. Make that ggg grandmother. I didn't go back far enough!


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