Saturday, October 9, 2010

Buy One, Get One Free

Buy one, get one free.  That's why we got into the car and drove to Walla Walla today to check out the antique show. Gene found a 2-for-1 coupon for the $6 admission on Facebook. Not only did we find a great little antique show, but as we were rolling into Walla Walla we followed a truck pulling a trailer that was carrying a red "Diamond T" truck and I said to Gene "I'll bet there is also a car show happening alongside the antique show".  And, we followed that Diamond T all the way to the fairgrounds.  I've never, ever seen a Diamond T and this one was a beauty. I should have snapped a photo, huh!  By the way, the photo posted here is one I shot at the very first rest stop right at the turnoff to Prescott.

I bought an awesome cheese/veggie grater at the antique show.  It makes really big grated food and it's one of those "odie but goody" kind of antique items you just can't hardly find anymore. I also bought an antique pastry cutter and along with it I got to talk to a really super nice old lady wearing a pink hat who assured me I was going to make the best pie crusts ever now that I'm an owner of a real pastry cutter. I told her I had been using ... she finished my sentence for me ... a knife and fork as a pastry cutter.

After we left the antique & car show, we decided to hit St. Vincent De Paul's thrift store to see what kind of treasures they had waiting for us. Gene left empty handed but against my own rules, I bought two awesome pair of boots, a red vest and a beautiful navy colored suit. I don't like to buy used shoes but these looked as if they had hardly been worn.  At $3.75 for each pair, I could bend my own rule, right?  We slid over to the Goodwill but found it lacking compared to St. Vincents. We spotted a Thai restaurant and decided to split a meal and had, by far, the worst food we've ever had.  We stopped at Fiesta Food on the way home for an increbile meat sale which filled our freezer and Gene bought me an ice cream cone there that was to die for.

It has been a fabulous day ... so far!  My honey knows how to treat a girl to a great day!

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  1. OKay I think this works! I had a great day too....doing absolutely NOTHING. Love those kind of days and we had just the right weather for it.


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