Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 minutes at a time!

This online class is going at a rather fast pace but perhaps all classes do. I haven't taken a class in a long time and I'm having to figure out how to pace myself.  I use a timer to read in blocks of 30 minutes and have discovered I can read a whole chapter in 60 minutes.  It takes me another 30 minutes to complete the homework if it's just one assignment.

I'm finding it challenging to chisel out time for this and other things I want to do. Today I had to skip my morning walk with Gene and Missy to finish up an assignment I have to turn in today.  I'm hoping by the end of this class, I will have a good idea about pacing myself should I decide to take another class.  My friend at work, Becky, has been taking two classes at a time while working full-time.  I'm not sure how she has time for anything else but I'm watching and learning. 

All in all, I'm enjoying this experience so far.  I'll be taking an online test tomorrow morning.  I took one last week and scored an 84% on the test.  I have a trick up my sleeve for this week's test and I can hardly wait to see if it will work.  I'm shooting for a 100%.

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