Monday, October 4, 2010


Dad and Nancy were over yesterday. I didn't realized my dad had started growing a beard! Geez ... I just saw him in August and he didn't look like this!   He used to grow beards when we lived in Alaska.  One time he went north to work on the pipeline and when he came home he was sporting a much scruffier looking beard than this one.  I think this beard makes him look younger and I really see a resemblance to his brother, Uncle Spike.

When they arrived at our house yesterday, "Missy" went balistic as Nancy had rollers in her hair, covered up with a nice scarf. She has seen Nancy before, but not like that!!  I had to put "Missy" outside for the afternoon. Once Nancy took the rollers out of her hair, she was alright in "Missy's" book.

So .... because this blog is helpful for me to record parts of my life that I sometimes forget, I want to go on record that we played 6 games of Sequence (card game) and Nancy & I partnered up to win two games. I won't mention that there was a lot of table talk between our opponents.

Gene is taking Nancy on the thrift shop circuit today and then he's going to make some of his world famous chicken curry rice for us tonight.   And, maybe a couple of bonus rounds of Sequence.  Game on!

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