Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Drive to Walla Walla - Elgin - LaGrande - Pendleton

I'm sure diggin' the "collage" feature in Picasa right now. None of my photos were particularly awesome separately today but when I put them together as a collage, it's a sweet reminder of what an awesome day I got to spend with my sweetie.
We had a couple of surprises today.
First, when we were rolling into Walla Walla, we got a big laugh out of the frozen fields where the irrigation sprinklers were on probably all night. It got really cold last night so the water formed icicles in the fields, making for a pretty picture.
We're pretty sure the farmers aren't going to be so happy about the ice.
The second big surprise was the Blue Heron we spotted while on an impromptu walk by the river in Pendleton. They are beautiful birds!
It was a long day trip but so worth the time and gas to go.
love, susan


  1. I also love the collage feature in Picasa. You made a lovely collage. Glad to see you and your hubby in the picture, you are such a sweet couple.
    I also love the pictures of the plants covered by ice /water...they look like a painting.
    have a beautiful day and keep blogging !

  2. Just a thought that the farmers and gardeners do run the sprinklers when it is gonna be freezing at night. Your garden will not wilt when the ice thaws. Why don't know but that is what they did in Kalamath Falls.


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