Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Dog Day Afternoon

"Missy" and me!
We took the dogs out for a walk by the Columbia River yesterday. I complained that it was really boring.  We should have taken the frisbee and some water. So we got back in the car and headed home to regroup.
After a few minutes of  seeing the disappointment on my dogs' faces, we gathered up a frisbee and a throw toy, a water dish and container of water and walked two blocks from our house to a nice, huge park that we've never seen anyone use. We had the entire park to ourselves so we could let the dogs off lead. Yay!

Missy loves to roll around in the grass.  She's really aged this last year so she doesn't last very long when chasing the frisbee or chew toy. She was just so happy to be off her lead and free. I love watching her roll around. I swear she has a big smile on her face.
Abbie, on the other hand, is non-stop action. She is all about chasing a frisbee and sometimes I think she might drop dead from over-exertion so I tell my husband to make sure to give her a rest. He just wants to wear her out. She is a border collie to a "T". Smart, energetic and driven. Obsessive-compulsive, really.

I don't know why we haven't spent more time at this park with the dogs but I think we'll probably go there a lot since we had such a good time yesterday. Our yard is just not big enough to wear Abbie out and give her the complete workout she needs on a daily basis.
Dogs.  What a joy!
love, susan


  1. Oh my goodness! That Abby is an absolute cutie pie! If she disappears, you should check my house first. :)

    1. I'm pretty sure she could run the whole way to your place, no problem! Unbelieveable energy.

  2. Good to see you having so much fun at the park with your beloved pets. They give you as much joy as you give love. They too yearn for love and I am sure you are the best mother for them.
    Have a lovely day !


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