Saturday, October 6, 2012

McNary National Wildlife Refuge - October 2012

My husband had the idea to go for a short ride in the car about 5 o'clock yesterday. Being a "Doubting Debbie", I thought it would be too late in the day to see anything worth spending the time & gas on.  I was wrong.
McNary National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite quiet places. It's only 17 miles from our driveway to the refuge. In the all the times we have gone, we have only run into other people one time. I'm not sure why more people don't go, but I'm happy to have the place all to ourselves.
Yesterday, we saw several sea river otters swimming around. They were really on the move and the one I captured here looks to have a fish in his mouth.
I also captured the Cormorant (bird) sitting on a log. These birds have no oils on their wings so they are forced to hold their wings out to dry in the wind. It was fascinating to watch this beautiful bird in action. 
The fall colors are breathtaking right now and will only get more beautiful as the days get along. I wonder where we'll go today?
love, susan


  1. You have captured the fall colors in all its glory ! I feel that the place is very tranquil. Thanks for sharing these photographs, I am also longing to go out in nature these days :))

  2. Nice write-up. No sea otters at McNary, though. They're river otters.

    1. Thank you! I stand corrected on those otters. I never knew otters to live in rivers. What a wonderful surprise!

  3. I look at your photographs and sigh. You have a knack for capturing--and enjoying--the beauty.


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