Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Upsides: The Good Stuff

I'm playing along with Bonnie and her followers over at Recipes Happen to post a  Saturday Upside.  I hope you'll go check out her blog.
While my life is just about as good as any girl could ask for I did find a super good upside yesterday.
I made a visit to my dentist to see about getting a broken filling/tooth repaired.
Downside:  I don't have dental insurance. When my dentist looked at the tooth and our prior treatment plan, this tooth was scheduled for a crown. Cha ching: $1,295.  I didn't have time to start the crown process yesterday so I told him I would reschedule and we'll do it despite the horrible price tag.
Upside: When I went to the receptionist to pay for my visit and reschedule, she told me about a dental insurance plan that I could sign up for online and  said if I went home and did that, she would wait to charge me for my visit. My bill for yesterday went from $118 to $49.  My annual cost for the insurance is $139, which includes my hubby. My crown cost will be reduced to $595.  This made my day!  In running my errands yesterday, I stopped and bought some fancy cookies and dropped them off for the dental receptionist to share. It was so much fun to see those front desk people smile! They have no idea how happy I am that they helped me out with the insurance info.
The other upside to my day was a late day trip out to the McNary Wildlife Refuge. I doubted we'd get to see anything so late in the day but was I surprised when two sea otters swam past the viewing shack. I had no idea otters lived in this area. I didn't get a good pic of them as they were fast but we watched them from afar and I got some nice surprise photos of other things. I'll post those up in another post.
Did you have any upsides this week? 
love, susan


  1. Nice! Let's hear it for helpful dental receptionists!

    My Saturday Upsides piece is:

  2. Susan, you got there before me this week! I am so glad you enjoyed Saturday Upsides.

    My Saturday Upside(inspired by Bonnie) is at:

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Wow, I might have to look into a dental plan! I don't have dental coverage either. I was sad to move away from the dentist I grew up going to; I have not yet braved seeing a new one. :)


    1. Go to: and see if they have preferred dentists in your area.


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