Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Biker-Chick Style

Today was the perfect motorcycle-riding day. So I went to work and before I even put my purse down, I headed to the bosslady's office and pleaded my case for working 1/2 the day before rolling out. She smiled and said, "ok!"  And, that's how it went down. 220 awesome miles from noon to 5p.m.  Fall is the best riding time if you can get days that don't stay too crisp. It had warmed up enough by noon to make it just right for wearing leathers. We headed to Bickleton by way of Mabton and came home on Hwy. 14.
 On the way back, I got a little bored in my head, and decided it would be awesome to do an ABC scavenger hunt of today's trip. Probably not the smartest thing to do when I should be focused on the road but it was fun.  Here's some of what I saw today, in alpha order:
A very handsome man on a motorcycle. He was with me.
Butterflies, Bluebirds, and one Blue Heron
Coyote - he was so close to the road I could have reached out and petted him. He must have been on a kill because he held his ground. I've heard stories of bikers hitting dogs and coyotes ... it wouldn't have been pretty.
Deer. 3 live ones and 1 big gut pile smack in the middle of the road. So gross.
Eagle ... on top of a pole.
French fries ... next to my awesome hamburger.
Grapes, purple ones swinging from the vine. So beautiful.
Harley Davidson with a Vietnam Vet on it. See "V".
Irrigation sprinklers. Big whoop, right?
Justin's name on my cell phone when I checked it.
Kawasaki - that's the bike my hubby rides. It's a sweet ride, he says.
Leathers. It was cool enough to keep ours on today.
Mabton, WA. One sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere.
Nice waitress at the Bluebird Inn in Bickleton. She once lived in Phoenix.
Oregon - it was right smack-dab across the river from us.
People enjoying today, especially us lucky ones.
Quality Inn. I saw a billboard for it, ok? It counts.
Racoon. It was really dead. Poor thing. I never see live ones.
Sunflowers. They were almost dead too.
Telephone. I saw & heard a real, old fashioned phone today at the Bluebird Inn. 
Umatilla, Oregon. It was across the river. Ha! U is a hard one but I got it!!
Vietnam Vet - nice guy. He was on the Harley Davidson. See "H".
Winery after winery after winery after winery.
X I did not see anything representing the letter X. The closest thing was an eXit.
Y's in the road. Decisions were made at those Y's.
Z This is a hard letter to find out there in the world.
How'd I do?
love, susan 


  1. Great ...what a way to skip work...this is like skippin school a long long time ago.

    1. I know, right? Except I didn't have to tell some stupid made-up lie about not feeling well, blah, blah, blah. I loved it that I could just take the afternoon off, guilt-free and enjoy it!!

      Wouldn't it be fun if we could just "call in well"?

  2. Fantastic list!! My husband I once made the mistake of playing the ABC game with highways signs, while driving across southern New Mexico... not many signs there. We got stuck on the letter "F" and finally agreed to count that letter from some graffiti we saw written on an overpass. :)

    Next time I would like to do your version, and look for things and experiences with those letters.

    I like Gene's answer for the letter Z!


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