Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Upside - Finding the Positives

I'm joining Bonnie again in her Saturday Upside series.  I can't help it. I love finding the upsides to everything. If you want to read other blog posts from positive people, I encourage you to click on her blog Recipes Happen and check them out. Bonnie also has some great recipes.
I hate winter. That doesn't sound very positive, does it. But it's the truth.  This will be my fifth winter in Washington and it's always this time of year that we start talking about living somewhere else. Summers are great here. Spring is hopeful. And, fall is gorgeous.
My upside this week is that I am getting out and experiencing as much autumn as I possibly can.
Yesterday, we drove out to a co-worker's house out in the country to pick up some gords. I need them for an event I'm involved in the week before T-day for which I'll be helping with decorations. We decided to keep it simple and cheap so the idea was to find some gords to go on the tables. Imagine how giddy I was when I drove up to my friend's driveway and saw the huge wagon of gords waiting for me to pick up.
We have 50 tables to decorate. Do you think I have enough to put 3 or 4 on each table? I think so.
The other upside yesterday was that I received two phone calls early in the morning from women I really care about, back to back. It was really awesome to have the time to just sit and visit on the phone. While I was talking, I was looking out my home-office window and noticed that the yellow leaves that seemed permanent on tree the day before were falling like rain. It was beautiful.
While I still hate winter, it's not here yet so I'll enjoy all my waking moments until it arrives.

love, susan


  1. Thanks for joining me!!!
    I love seeing what you have to share. <3


  2. 50 tables..with 6 to 8 per table = a lot of people. You will have fun I know.

  3. Hey, just the fact that it IS Saturday is upside enough for me!!


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