Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Going To Be A Beautiful Day

I shot this silly pic when I was out at the dog show last Sunday morning. I decided to take a look at it again this morning to add to my post. When I edited it, I noticed there was a heart shaped little leaf in the background.  I heart hearts.
My neighbor died yesterday morning shortly after I went to work. She hung on for as long as she could. The night before, an extreme wind swept down our street, bringing a change in season. Some leaves were floating around and the sky turned gray and it was beautiful. I watched out the window and thought of my neighbor and hoped her struggle would be over soon. When I got up yesterday morning, the skies had cleared and the air stood still and crisp. I shall remember her when the wind brings change in October. She was a little younger than me.  I learned a lot from her and I will be forever grateful I knew her. She was like the little heart in this picture. She was in the background of my life but when I took a closer look, she was still a beautiful part of it. I would see her through my front window taking her son to school or outside talking with the neighbor kids. We often exchanged quick waves to each other as we both had busy lives. When she was diagnosed with cancer in May, I wished with all my heart I would have slowed down and paid more attention to her. With her diagnoses, I made time to slow down. The thing about life is there really are no do-overs.
On a lighter note, it's going to be a good day, I just know it! We had a friend in Arizona who always used to say "It's going to be a beautiful day!"  
love, susan


  1. Such a heart touching post. I am sorry to hear about your neighbor's sad demise from this world. I have often read about her. You used to write about her quite often in your posts.
    Yes, we do learn valuable life lessons from people who are struggling with life themselves and whose life situations/ conditions are tougher than us.
    God bless her soul.
    And I am glad that you remembered her and did your best to make her life a little more comfortable in whatever way it was possible for you.

  2. I'm so sorry about your neighbor. A loss like that does reminds me to enjoy every day, use your china and not waste your steps. You have a theme going this week! :)

  3. This is one of my favorites. There is nothing superfluous about it. I heart hearts too. I see them in the most unlikely places. Too often no one else does. :)

    I hope your neighbor's journey was one of ease.

    A lovely post.

  4. Love how your photo captured the unexpected heart, and your post captured your eloquent thoughts.


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