Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comfort Food

It's a soup kind of day where I live. The colors outside are so beautiful and the air is shifting but it was pleasantly warm when I got outside to venture to the grocery store at 7a.m. 

I was emailing a friend last week about soup. She said she loves soup so much that her daughter said she should just make it every week, all year long. We got to emailing back and forth and came up with 24 kinds of soups that would be real winners. I'll have to blog about those soups soon but it really got my tastebuds going and I've been thinking about Chicken Tortilla Soup all week. This is, by far, my favorite soup.  I decided to pick up what I needed at the store to make this easy-peazy soup and it went together in 5 minutes because I already had some cooked, frozen chicken I was able to simply throw in.  I'm gonna make some corn bread to go with it and have a nice warm bowl of soup on this lazy day. Is it lunchtime yet?
Do you have a favorite soup recipe? I'm always looking for good ideas.

love, susan


  1. Last time I was sick, hubby made the most delicious butternut squash soup. It was absolutely amazing and made my throat feel so much better. I'll try to get him to send you the recipe. <3's.

  2. Yum! I'm still searching for the tortilla soup of my memories, which was a can of chicken, a can of some sort of tomato, a can of broth, and a few other things. No hominy. I have terrible memories of hominy from when I worked the salad bar of a steakhouse.

    My favorite soups are generally thrown together things without a recipe. When I've got them, A Veggie Venture's Green 'n All Beet Soup is delicious. To me, more so than the rest of the family.

  3. When I make chicken soup, which is about every week or 10 days my littles say "soup AGAIN" it's chock full of good organic veggies.
    I start with a whole organic chicken boiled, then a head of celery, a big bunch of carrots, 2 onions, and usually a couple leeks. I add chicken bullion and a few bay leaves for flavor and usually some fresh herbs for color.
    They pick at their bowls, and eat it begrudgingly. Then I save the leftover broth and fixins. The next day I put dumplings in there and I am THE best cook in the world!


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