Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Was a Good Day!

.41 cents interest earned?
Well, we survived getting the taxes done today and there was enough time leftover to take a Sunday drive out through Benton City and Prosser. The rivers have been way up and you can see in the photo  below that some trees got washed away but then stuck as they went over the break.

We parked in downtown Prosser and got out to stretch our legs and let Missy smell all the tree trunks, etc.

In Prosser, Washington

On the courthouse steps in Prosser

Nice disclaimer in (parenthesis)

Cat living in store front interests "Missy"
This was a good day.

love, susan


1 comment:

  1. almost a good day here. I will finish and put in the email to ak and the tax lady. Love that part


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