Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cow Tattoos

We pulled into the parking lot at Palouse Falls this afternoon and Gene pointed out this old Packard. He doesn't know what year it is but it certainly is something you don't see everyday.  I'll bet it looks so cool driving down the country roads.

There were lots of people out and about today and the parking lot was extra full. We talked to a guy who had a border collie with him. Nice fellow. We mostly talked about the dog.

We left Missy home today.  Sometimes I just don't want to take her with us because then I don't feel free to take the photos I want.  Today, I was selfishly glad she stayed home because I spotted this yellow belly marmot and there is no way it would have stuck around long enough for me to snap his pic if Missy had been with us.

I have not been in an especially great mood since I got up this morning.  I don't know why.  Sometimes getting in the car and driving helps.  I was still a little grumpy when we got to the falls but once I saw this little marmot, it really lightened my mood.  And then ....

I took this picture of Gene snacking on a cracker.  He's always in a good mood. When I saw his smiling face through the view finder, I couldn't help but smile!  

On the way home, we drove through the little, itty bitty, one-horse town of Kahlotus where Gene spotted this cool sign. I thought it was some kind of witchcraft signs or latin perhaps. (Hey, I grew up in Alaska!) He pointed out to me it is branding signs, most likely of local ranchers. I would have never guessed.  If I was a cow, I'd pick this one for a tattoo:

I love hearts.

Which one would you choose?

love, susan


  1. Your father thinks it is a 52 but also in same breath said could be 49. I just had to ask...

  2. Justin said late 30s to 1950. He's usually pretty good with car years.

  3. It is somewhere between a 47 - 53... but if I had to guess it would be in the middle of those.. 49-51 '50 even. ----------maybe.

  4. Nope ... it is I am almost sure after going to a site a verifying.. {they used multiple grills in different years.. and overlapped but the only Convertible that I found with this exact grill was a: 1948 Packard Custom 8 Convertible. The 49 had two models that had the same grill, a 1949 Packard Custom 8 Sedan, and the 1949 Packard Custom Limousine. All the others had the main grill used also in the 1948's.


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