Saturday, April 23, 2011

Git Along Little Doggies

Doesn't he look like Sam Elliot?
I had the most awesome day and there is not enough space on this blog to write about everything I saw and experienced, nor to even show you some of my favorite photos of the 250 I shot today.  So, I'll try to keep it as short & succinct as I can.

We were invited to a round-up out in the country about 50 miles from here. We arrived early and watched the cowboys & cowgirls gather up to go over the hill to drive the cattle back to the corrals, where they separated the calves from their mamas for branding and castration. While the horses were out rounding up the little doggies, one of our friends who invited us along took us for a photo walk and the early morning crisp air turned into a wonderful, warm blue sky day. They brought the cows in and after the branding, we enjoyed a lunch of chili made over an open fire. We were there 6 hours and the time seemed to fly by. There are no better people on earth than country folks. Here are just a couple of things I observed today:

Country kids are different than city kids.  *** The kids went along on the trail ride and they all pitched in to help with the roping, branding and castrating of the calves. *** They had so much fun they didn't even know it was "work".  *** I never saw one iPod or cell phone. ***  Border collies are the most awesome  working dogs. *** Chili tastes way better when cooked in a dutch oven over an open fire. *** Girls can rope calves pretty dang good. *** 

Okay, now I'll try to pick a couple of my favorite photos from today to post here. It'll be hard to choose just a couple so I'll post an album over on Facebook if you're interested.  Wow, what a day!  love, susan

Here come just a few of the herd.

I loved the working dogs ... they were awesome!
These are all Mexican horned cows. Very different breed.
My cowboy!
Supper is cooking!
This last picture kind of has it all.  The border collies kept the calves in check. The cowboy at the head of the calf keeps the head down while "brander" does her thing. The young girl with the purple bucket is the one who has to be there to make the bucket available  to catch the bull testicles.  Luckily, we didn't have to turn down "Rocky Mountain Oysters" for dinner. The horse on the right keeps the line taut so the calf stays in place for this whole process.  They branded 58 calves today.  What an experience!


  1. Now that was a great day for you both. One of the wish I was there kind of days. Glad for you both to have this great of a day.

  2. when I was growing up in Montana I had the opportunity to work on a ranch several summers, mostly as a cook's helper. But one summer I worked rounding up the cattle and loved being on the back of a horse. It is an awesome feeling and nothing smells quite as good as that clean mountain air! I'm so happy you shared this with us! By the way, the cowboy jokes on Facebook are so funny!!!1

  3. Woke up today with puffy eyes and the feeling of much dust up my nose. I feel like I was transported to another space & time yesterday ... a time when people helped each other with no reservations. I couldn't believe how many people it took to accomplish the big job ~ and everyone who showed up were friends and friends of friends. Very cool!

  4. The very best thing is the wealth of folks to yakk with .. If ya keep an ear open there is such a variety of things to learn and share about. I also really enjoyed hiking up and down those hills.. taking different vantage points. Was a little disappointed with all that hiking about not to see even one rattler, as they say they had shot about 6 of 'em last year by noon, just around the cook shack area. I think I covered more ground in the vertical plane than I did distance out and back. Really some stunning vistas and great places to just kick back for a bit sitting on a rock to soak in the view. The sage was just lush up that way, all filled out and bushy and that nice grayish green color.


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