Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a New Day

Red Velvet cupcake John made
Saturday night we were sitting at the dinner table and I heard a knock at the door. Our neighbors, who moved here from Georgia last year, were standing on our doorstep with a plate of four delicious cupcakes. Two of them were chocolate and two were red velvet. 

The husband (I think his name is John) said he had made for some event at work and he had to get the leftovers out of the house ~ said he couldn't eat another one. Lucky us. They were awesome.

Our neighbors are really nice people; a young couple with 3 dogs. She (I think her name is Sherry) works out at "the area" and although we've never asked her exactly what she does, we think she has a PhD. The company moved them here. We keep saying we're going to invite each other over for a bbq but we haven't yet.  They are vegetarians. I don't know what to bbq for vegetarians. I'm sure they are in the same quandry.  What do vegetarians feed meat eaters?  Well, I'd eat cupcakes for dinner!

Every day when Sherry gets home from work, about 20 minutes after arriving home, I see her pop out of her house with roller blades on. That's how she walks one of her dogs. She usually takes him on a really long run ... like 5 miles. He's a high energy K9 and she's got a lot of it, too. I'm intrigued by the roller blades.  I thought about getting some for myself ... for about a minute.  Then, I remembered that I am almost 52 and I have given up roller skating.

I went roller skating back in October with the grand kids when they were here. I fell on the very last song of the session and did some seemly permanent damage to my left wrist. It still aches when I carry files with that arm.  I can't even imagine what a day of motorcycling is going to feel like. Thank goodness it wasn't my right wrist, which twists the throttle.

Cool old building in Kahlotus
Last year at this time, we were on two wheels. It's still too cold right now for me. I was cold before I even set foot outside the door yesterday. One of our friends mentioned he's leaving for Arizona next week. I felt so jealous.  I just want to get warm.

It's 6:08 a.m. and the sun is up. Gotta get the sleepy heads up and moving so we can get out for a walk this morning. I'm in a better mood starting out today than I was yesterday.  Too bad I have to go to work.

Mr. Kitty

Happy Monday ....

love, susan

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  1. I told my husband yesterday that I would give every finger on my left hand for my son-in-law's energy!! I was pretty serious about that....seems like the older I get the less energy I have!! ugh! Great photos, as always!!


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