Saturday, April 2, 2011

Megabytes Schmegabytes

Whew! Yesterday I received a message on my screen when I tried to insert a photo, telling me I was out of space and would have to purchase space from Google in order to upload anymore photos to this blog. I  immediately emailed a fellow blogger and she sent me some information that rocked my world!

I was able to go into Picaso (Google site) and start downsizing my humongous photos. I won't have to delete any of my past blog posts and when I update the photo sizes the program automatically changes them on my posts.  Very technical ~ for a newby like me. 

So, then I took a look at my camera and changed the  picture size setting so I'm not taking up so much space when I shoot the pic.  Guess that's what they've been talking about in all of these classes I've been taking but it was falling off my "teflon" brain.  I get it now!!!

That's the good news.  The bad news is that I have used 467 photos in my blogs since I started blogging last September. I have not figured out a way to do a mass down sizing of them so I'll just take it a few photos at a time.  I just downsized about 10 of them and it freed up enough room to add this photo I took (with the new setting on my camera!) of Missy. She looks like she could care less about megabytes.

A big Thank You and shout out to Susan Stevenson of "Living in Alaska - Life in the Last Frontier".   After I emailed her a desperate call for help, Susan sent me an email with some great advice for sizing my photos.  What a lifesaver!  You should check out her blog ~ she's an awesome photographer and her work is spectacular and is now my forever hero!

Oh, I'm so happy I could dance!

love, susan



  1. Glad you found that site and can change your pictures. It saves a lot on your computer space also too. Pictures take up a lot of space and you can load them faster with less bites.

  2. @ Nancy ~ this blog spot is a Google product and everytime I upload photos, somehow they end up in Picaso anyway but I haven't been using that for editing. I have been using another free program called "PhotoScape" and it's great but I can't find where I am able to resize my pics. So happy to learn new stuff.

  3. You're quite welcome, but remember that by downsizing the photos INSIDE your camera, you may not be able to enlarge any past 8x10 if you wanted to. If you basically use your camera for blog photos and don't really have any plans of enlarging any photos, this is OK. But if you're ever in a situation where you think you might like to hold onto large files for future printing, change those settings back in your camera and resize the photo after it's downloaded from your memory card.

    Glad I could help.

    And thanks for the plug. :D


  4. @ Susan ~ thanks again for the above advice and again regarding enlarging photos. Seems like we are truly living in a digital world these days. I have to force myself to take time to send my favorite photos to Costco for printing. I do mostly use my photos now for my blog and I throw 'em up on FB to share. I learned a lot this week!


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