Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Road Less Traveled

It's the middle of April and it's still so cold and windy I can hardly stand to be outside for very long to snap a photo. I was on my way to town last night for a committee meeting and decided to take the route along the Columbia River. It's hard to tell from this quick pic I snapped but the sun was peeking through the clouds behind me but as I looked towards the Blue Bridge and Cable Bridge, the wall of dark clouds was really beautiful. The sun really spotlighted the blue bridge but I was too far away with my little point & shoot to really capture what I was seeing with my eyes.  Summer is trying to get here but winter won't let go.  Columbia Park comes alive with people when the weather warms up. Last night I saw a team of bicyclists rolling down the bike trail. I spotted an older couple parked facing the river, eating their dinner in their car and just watching the river roll by.

It's only a couple of weeks now before we hit the road again for a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona. We haven't really talked about what route we'll take yet. My last day at work is May 6th so we can leave anytime after that date. We're not sure if we'll get to do any camping along the way, but we're taking our gear just in case. I'm hoping we travel through Utah. We haven't been there in a while and the last time I had a camera that was horribly slow in processing photos so I'm excited for the photo opportunities I know I'll have. Southern Utah is possibly one of my most favorite places we've visited so far.

I'm looking forward to seeing my dad and Nancy, and the kids. Our friends Mike & Linda,  who live in Casa Grande, will be in Flagstaff celebrating their son's graduation as well so it's going to be a couple of great days of family & friends. After graduation, Justin booked us a  one night's stay at a beautiful, old grand hotel, La Posada in Winslow, Arizona. I imagine it will be peaceful and just so nice to get his and Amanda's undivided attention and a chance for us to garner some of their excitement as they head off to start their adventures in Michigan. **sniff sniff**.

As for me, I'm glad I took the road less traveled last night on my way to town. The speed limit is 30 mph as you drive through the park. I've been so busy lately that I welcomed the physical 'slow-down', even if it was only for a few minutes. 

love, susan



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  1. I'm with you Susan, when we drove up here after getting married, Southern Utah was one of my favorite places. That and Osoyoos, BC. LOVED that place, ever been?


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