Monday, April 11, 2011

Feline and K9 Friendly

In a perfect world, every business would have an office cat or an office dog.  When we were in Prosser yesterday, we spotted this kitty pacing back and forth in the store front where he lives. What a great window he has to see out of as the townspeople walk by and say hello to him.  Prosser seems to be a very conservative little town because everything is shut down on Sundays. I'm sure this kitty was glad to have even a dog walk by.

When I first started working at the law firm where I currently spend the better part of my week days, the "big guy" would bring his dog in once in a while to say hello to everyone. He had Portuguese water dogs, which are the cutest things on 4 legs. The big guy always use to go by my boss' office and say "hey, mad dog!".  Legend has it that the big guy's dog did her business in my boss' office one Saturday when she was hanging out with the big guy. My boss came in on Monday morning to find the gift she left and hence he was mad at the dog.  Mad dog. Makes sense to me.

The new old big guy in our office, the attorney who is most senior now, just acquired two 9-week old bulldogs. His daughter dropped by the office on Friday after she picked the sister puppy dogs up and all the secretaries were compelled to leave our cubicles to say hello to the new babies. I don't believe I've ever seen a bulldog puppy but I have to tell you they are pretty cute. Two bulldogs together are even cuter. I did not have my camera with me that day.   :-( 

When I lived in Yuma, there was an attorney whose office was just down the street from the courthouse. John Minore had two old Labradors that were his office dogs. He kept treats up on the receptionist's desk for visitors to feed his dogs. Just down the street from John's office was a pottery store where a woman potter threw clay in front of a big window that faced the street. She had an old lab who sat at her feet.

I love animal friendly places. If you ever go to Seaside, Oregon, you will find signs like this. 

Since we've lived in the Tri-Cities, I've become accustomed to seeing animals in many places of business.  When I had Missy in classes last year, our trainer told us that Ranch & Home allows you to take your dog in the store on a leash. I've been there a few times but never with Missy. I would just feel too weird taking my dog in a store.  I have never seen any dogs inside, but if you sit outside in the parking lot, you'll get to see the most beautiful cattle dogs ever. The ranchers drive in with their best friends in their truck beds.  I love this dog and cat friendly town.

It's Monday and I am trudging this morning. It was a really awesome weekend if for no other reason than the little road trip to Prosser. 
I hope wherever you are that you'll have a great day.

love, susan

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