Thursday, April 7, 2011

Only in Alaska

Yesterday's post caused a little conversation with another Alaskan and it had me thinking all day about Alaska. 

I've lived all over Alaska, although there are many places I still haven't been to and most likely will never go in Alaska.

I've lived in Sitka, Wrangell, Haines, Juneau, Fairbanks, Anchorage and Eagle River. Have I forgotten anyplace?

I shot this photo of a sign outside of a liquor store in Wasilla, Alaska while Gene and I were in Alaska for Justin's graduation. This sign reminds me of an article I read one time while I was living in Eagle River.  Wasilla had just opened their WalMart store and the newspaper did a story about a young couple who decided to get married in the WalMart store, walking the aisle in a wedding dress & tux and the whole nine yards. I loved it.  That's so Alaskan to me!

Living in Alaska was an adventure. I have lots of stories about life on the last frontier but I haven't really thought about them in a long time. I have been following a couple of bloggers who write about life in Alaska and I really get what they write about.

"Sweet Homestead Alaska" is a great blog if you really want to know what life out in the bush is like.  I love the stamina of the woman who writes this post. She and her husband are raising a  young family out where you have to use a generator and your imagination to get through daily life. I know I'm not made out of that same cloth but I admire those who are. What a great life and great freedom to live off the grid. Hope you'll check out her blog.

I'll be thinking about Alaska again today, I'm sure. The sun is up a few minutes earlier today than yesterday. Living all those years in Alaska make me acutely aware of how much daylight each day has. I don't think non-Alaskans are quite as aware of it. I do remember living in Fairbanks in April .... just when I'd reach the brink of insanity, the sun would start shining a little more each day. 

Have an awesome day ... wherever you are!

love, susan 



  1. Yes, Susan, the days are a lot longer here than where you live. The winter darkness seemed longer because of the cold this year. I love the long hours of daylight and all that that allows us to do. The hardest part is knowing when to go to bed! This is my first summer without worrying about getting up for a job and I'm really looking forward to it!!

  2. I just looked through the piece on Haines from Susan Stevenson's trip, I hope she is reading today because that was totally awesome!! She ought to submit to the Chamber of Commerce!! She even had a photo of my dad's field with the horses. That was great fun, thanks Susan!!

  3. I love when the light comes back to interior Alaska. It's like spring even without the leaf buds. :)

    I love Sarah's blog. I've visited her and met her kids. We had a lovely day in Manley. I plan to go out and see her again once the roads are better.

    And thank you "Dumb Mama" for your kind words about my Haines write-up. We loved our visit to Haines and can't wait to go back again. Maybe this time, we'll get to visit Juneau too (haven't been there yet).

  4. I was going to mention to all you who enjoy Alaskan blogs, Jill Homer has a great one, once called UP IN ALASKA and called Jill Outside. She started in Homer then moved to Juneau and then to Anchorage (and now lives in CA) but she is an adventurer of the hard core kind. ANd takes great pics along the way.


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