Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No ... Really ... Time Really Does Fly (Part 2)

Haines High School 20 year reunion in 1997
This photo was taken in August 1997 at my 20th high school reunion in Haines, Alaska. I only know the year because I wrote it on the back. I'm terrible with time-lines. 

I graduated with a class of 25 kids. We didn't all make it to the reunion but a good share did. We combined the classes of '76 & '77 to make it a great celebration.

I loved seeing all my old high school friends and catching up with them. I can hardly believe another 14 years has gone by since then. Time is like a runaway train, isn't it?

A couple of years ago, my friend Kathy, pictured here in the front row, on the left in the pretty pink dress, gave me a copy of Heather Lende's "If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name".  What a perfect name for a book about living and dying in a small town in Alaska. I love that book.  Heather Lende writes obituaries and she does them in a unique, loving way. She also has a blog that you might find interesting. She writes about everyday life in Haines.  My life is so different now from what it was back then, so reading her work is like a blast back in time for me.

Anyway .... if you're reading this blog and you are pictured here, I'd sure love to hear from you.  If you're reading this blog and not pictured here, I'd love to hear from you.  I really just love hearing from anybody!

love, susan



  1. That reunion was A LOT of fun!! You are right, lots have changed since then!

  2. Thank you for posting the link to Heather, so I can add her blog to my list to follow. I LOVE reading the blogs of other Alaskans. And I LOVED our trip to Haines two summers ago and hope to get back there again soon. Did you know that my photograph of the library totem being carved is on the informational sign in front of the now erect totem? I'm quite honored that I was asked to donate it. That totem is beautiful!

    I didn't know you lived in Haines. What a beautiful part of the state! I posted a lot of photos from our trip to Haines in this blog entry: (I had to break it down into five parts. Most of Haines is in part 2)

    I graduated in 1977 too. I didn't make it back to my 20th, but I did go to my 10th. I didn't have the best time in HS (a bit of a nerd/outcast), but I have quite a few HS friends on Facebook now. Funny how our lives have taken us in so many directions.

  3. OH MY! What a treat, Susan Stevenson! Thank you so much for pointing me to your Haines photos!! They are just breathtaking! And congratulations on your photo being used. I can see why they chose it!

    I suppose you may know you've given me some ideas for writing other posts now. I lived in quite a few southeast Alaskan towns growing up as my dad was a logger. I left Haines to move to Fairbanks shortly after graduation. I've only been gone from Alaska for 10 years, so I still consider myself a life-long Alaskan.

    I suspect we have more friends than Janie in common. Do you and Janie have the same hair stylist? If so, Ally and Joanna are family to me.

    Anyway .... stay tune for more ....

  4. Memories are so important and pictures keep those memories alive. My high school class had 63 in it. We are having our 50 year reunion next year and it should be very interesting to attend! Several have died, mostly due to two wars. Thank you for another really awesome blog! Huggs and more Huggs

  5. Thank you Susan! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I really want to get back to Haines again soon. I've done nothing but tell folks here in Fairbanks that they are missing out on one of the nicest places in AK if they don't go to Haines. The fact that it's on the road system is a real plus too.

    I would love to hear some more of your stories about life in other parts of AK. What a cool thing to move around with your family while your dad was a logger.

    I don't have a hair stylist (my husband trims my ends for me, but that's it). I met Janie through my friend Lori, but I think Lori is the only link I have with Janie. Janie and I don't socialize but she's always great to talk to when we see each other around. I started reading her blog when Lori pointed it out to me. (Lori knows I love to follow AK blogs)

  6. I've never made it to a reunion, but it sure was fun to see the photo! ;)


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