Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for Vino on the Vine #AtoZChallenge

Washington and Oregon have been made famous for their wines. Before I moved to Washington, I had never seen a grape vine. There are miles and miles of grape vines in our area which makes for fun photography. It's exciting to watch them grow in stages throughout the summer and capture the rich colors in the late fall. In some places, the air is thick with an aroma that reminds me of my childhood and Welch's grape juice. There are dozens of wineries here and it has become a huge tourist trade.
Do you have an industry that has made your state famous? Do you have a favorite wine? Do you love Welch's grape juice? 
love, susan


  1. My grandparents had grape vines on their back fence. They were the nastiest tasting grapes ever. Maybe they were for wine making!! I would love to visit Washington and see the grapes!!

  2. I grew up in an Italian family and my uncle made his own 'Dago red' wine. I hated it. I never knew what real wine tasted like until I went to Europe. Wow. Michigan has lots of wineries and I have visited many of them. Once when I was in Costco they were featuring Washington wines and I bought some bottles. My favorite wine is Veuve-Clicquot Champagne, but when I am saving a few bucks I opt for a nice Italian prosecco. I am thinking an A to Z on wines would be interesting.


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