Monday, April 17, 2017

N for Not Forgotten #AtoZChallenge

This is my friends' dog, Hercules, who died at a much too young age. I had seen him probably a week before he took ill and the vet just couldn't save him. I was honored and glad that I had images of him when they asked so they could choose one to place on the little wooden box urn with his ashes. You can see he was a beautiful example of the beagle breed. I love this image because I feel like I can see right to his heart through his beautiful eyes. And, you should have felt how soft those ears were. Gone but not forgotten.
If you've kept up with my A to Z so far, you can see that documenting life is important. Do you take photos for other people? 
love, susan


  1. I meant to get some photos of family on Sunday, but being busy in the kitchen, it just didn't happen. The only photo I took was of the appetizers. And all the photos of my trips - very few of them have me anywhere near the spot.

  2. I usually only take photos for me. But I am glad you had this one for your friend!


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