Saturday, April 22, 2017

S is for SuddenlySusan #AtoZChallenge

Hi everyone, that's me! My hubby and I were out on a motorcycle ride this day in 2008. We live in eastern Washington where I love the hot, dry weather in the summers. I remember how it felt when he shot this photo. There was a slight wind blowing wonderful, hot air in my face. Behind me is the Columbia River gorge. When we got home, my hubby pointed out the animal carcass that was 3 feet from me in this photo. Eeeks!
By now, you may (or not) have wondered why I named my blog Freezerburned. I grew up in Alaska and left when I was 42. I've never had the urge to go back. I hate being cold and never want to feel that cold again. SuddenlySusan is an old nickname but it is one that says a lot about me.
Can you guess what kind of animal that was? Do you have a story in you? What's the story behind your blog name? Do you have a nickname?
love, susan


  1. I think Freezerburned is a fantastic blog title!

    Being silly with my given name, Trudy, some of my family used to call me Tutti Frutti.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: S’mores

  2. No idea on the animal. My blog was originally called "Yes, Virginia, there is life after retirement". I called it that because everyone seemed to be sure I would be bored to tears with nothing to do. Wrong. My Dad and Sister called/call me Dee. No one else can cause I hate it.


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