Wednesday, April 12, 2017

J is for Japanese Garden #AtoZChallenge

We're halfway through the A - Z Challenge and this is perhaps my favorite photo in this series.

My favorite destination these days is the Manito Park gardens in Spokane, Washington. Pictured here is the Japanese Garden, which is one of several themed patches of beauty in this park. When I visit any botanical gardens, the Japanese garden is always my favorite, followed closely by butterfly houses. This image was shot on a clear September day. I wish you could see the rest of this park ... you'd be amazed! Just writing this makes me want to get in the car and go tomorrow.
Do you have a botanical garden near where you live?  Have you ever visited a botanical garden?  
love, susan


  1. We live across the street from a nature center. I rarely go anymore but it used to be a favorite place. I should start walking there again!

    1. If you go, take your camera and show me what you see!


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