Wednesday, April 19, 2017

P is for Pure Joy #AtoZChallenge

This image is from an afternoon trip we took to the country for a visit. It is not often I am envious of other people's material things but I'll admit I felt jealous over the acreage these dogs enjoy every day. I have 3 dogs and it takes a concerted effort to get them to a wide open space to run. Sometimes I feel like I've cheated them out of a very good life for that reason alone. Otherwise, they couldn't have it any better. When I do take my dogs out, I wonder if they later dream about running free like this image.  I would.
Do you have a place for your dogs to run? Do you ever have guilt about not getting them out enough?  Have your felt envious of other people's stuff?
love, susan


  1. Boy, they look happy. I don't have any dogs; I have cats and they don't like to go outside...

  2. I no longer have pets, but I do dog sit occasionally. I love that I now have a fenced yard and he can just go out and wander all over. I never had that luxury when I had my own dogs.


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