Friday, April 21, 2017

R is for Rest Stop #AtoZChallenge

This is Starvation Creek on I-84 in the gorge, not far east of Portland. My hubby and I like to make a rest stop and bathroom break here on our way home from visiting family. This place has provided me many opportunities for photo images to add to my files. There is a nice trail we can walk to stretch our legs before we continue the 4 hour trip home. In the 8+ years we've been driving to Portland, we never pass by this beautiful place without stopping. It is an unspoken rule.
Do you have favorite places where you love to stop? Do you have driving rules?
love, susan


  1. When I was a kid, we would go to Delavan, Wisconsin every year on our vacation, taking the Tri-State Tollway to WI-50, which ran through Lake Geneva and Lake Como before getting to where the cabins were. There was a small restaurant in Lake Geneva called Huml's that served hamburgers and fries, and we'd stop there on the way there, and sometimes on the way back.

  2. My driving rules? Hit every rest stop on the highway cause you may not be able to find one if you need it.


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