Monday, April 3, 2017

First Week of April ~ Life List

Outside it is almost light at 6:15am. The mornings are still crisp but the temperatures are climbing into the 60's here in eastern Washington. The tulips are almost blooming.
As I Ponder My life has gotten busy all of a sudden. We were out every night last week doing something. I don't mind. I'd rather be busy.
What I'm Learning I finished all my posts for the April A to Z Challenge so now I can sit back and read a lot of other blogs. Saturday was the first day for posting and I added several blogs to my reading list. In the past, I've tried to write my posts the day it was due and it was a struggle. Much better to be prepared ahead of time.
What I'm Creating I've been outside every day cleaning up the old, dead leaves and trimming down the dead stems on my herb plants. I'm dreaming about what I'll plant this year.
What I'm Watching We finished Season 2 of Better Call Saul (loved it!). I started Frankie & Grace, which looks like it is going to be good. The first episode had me laughing and crying.

What's On My Camera We went to Pendleton, Oregon yesterday on a Sunday drive. We took a short walk on the river front because it is still slightly chilly. I got 3 shots with my camera and called it good.
 A Quote I Want to Share
Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party'. ~ the late Robin Williams
A Peek Into My Week My hubby has to do a stress test this morning. He had a heart attack 3 years ago and I'm glad this doctor is pro-active with his treatment. The nuclear stress test is the best technology available to give the doctor a look at the heart and arteries. No caffeine for 24 hours.
A Final Thought I'm getting pretty jazzed about my trip to Nashville in a couple weeks. My step-daughter suggested I look at Pinterest for ideas about restaurants and things to do while there. I never thought about looking there but it was a great suggestion. You can find anything on Pinterest! Who knew.
That's all.
love, susan


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  1. I absolutely love Pinterest. I've wasted many many hours there. Love your pictures!! Good luck to your husband!


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