Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter on the River

Another weekend here and gone.
I shot this photo yesterday when I was supposed to be on my way to the store. It was really brisk at 7:00a.m. but I had to get out of my car and seek the sunshine.
Friday night we gathered with some most excellent friends down by the Columbia River to watch the boat parade. We've lived here 4 winters and had never made it to see the Christmas parade on the river. The wind was blowing and I had on three layers of coats, a silly looking hat and gloves. Just five days earlier it had been 61 degrees. Friday night it was in the 30's but felt like 20's. The weather is a bit fickle here.
There is a lot of money in the TriCities and you really know it when you see the yachts moored nearby. When we first moved here, I worked for a local attorney  who owned one and he always took the staff out for a cruise one Friday afternoon in June. I got to go once before he died unexpectedly. I had never been on a yacht before and doubt I will ever be on one again. It was lovely. I hardly see a yacht without thinking about that day in June.
My camera did not do well in the dark but I hope you can get an idea of how these yachts look all lit up, cruising down the river, admired by thousands of onlookers. I'm not sure I'll want to stand out in the cold to watch them again but I told my husband that we owe it to the yacht owners to come out to see them, even if they can't see us in the dark. It must be a tremendous amount of work to string lights on a boat in the cold.
The best part was sitting in the car, warming up and listening to the banter between my good friend and my hubby. She has an infectious laugh and he loves to tease her. It was totally pitch black when I turned around from the front seat and shot these pics. I'm surprised I didn't permanently blind both of them. I can't remember what he said to make her howl but it was probably naughty. Good times! 

I'm working for the weekend now. Only 11 more days until the shortest day of the year and then we will start gaining sunlight. Can I get an amen?
love, susan


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  1. You both are so much fun! Thank you for sharing so many fun moments including this one:)


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