Friday, December 7, 2012

Butter Sugar Milk Eggs

I just finished reading this book. It took me forever. Not because it's not a good book. I just have a hard time sitting still to read these days. It's a guilty pleasure.
This one is written by a woman who's husband suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to be placed in a care center. She is left to live her life with her three dogs. She chronicles her thoughts as she moves through the transition of a comfortable life with her husband to living alone.
Near the end of the book she writes how she starts seeing artwork in a different light and begins buying up pieces everywhere she goes, an obsession of sorts. She admits she is not an artist herself and describes how she is more comfortable with words. She writes, "I'm comfortable with words, it secures me to have a pen and notebook even if all I'm writing is butter sugar milk eggs." 

I can relate to that.

I have started my annual winter letter writing campaign. I sit in front of my light box and write one or two letters every day.  Today I read the end of this book instead. So here I am. I felt like I need to write something ...

butter sugar milk eggs
love, susan



  1. Very nice post. And that sounds like an interesting, introspective, book.

  2. I fell in love with Abigail's first book. That cover entertained me for hours. Those chairs. What lay beyond the doorway. The windows! The let in so much light. I wrote about that cover for a class. :) I bought that one too, yet don't recall much about it. Her first one is about writing. :)

    I write too. I have to. Words fall over themselves trying to escape through my finger tips. I should write with more care but I don't seem to be able. If I don't write fast I forget what I'm trying to capture. :) I'm that way about reading, although it's slacking off this last year. I've been a greedy reader since I first learned to read.

    Knowing you chose that book makes me smile. Sunshine to you!

    1. I went online and ordered her "Thinking About Memoir" and "Safekeeping: Some True Stories from a Life". They'll arrive about Wednesday and my plan is to sit in my lazygirl chair and read.


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