Saturday, December 1, 2012

Upside Saturday: Take It Easy

I spent the last evening of November 2012 with my hubby and a couple of my favorite people, eating yummy Mexican food at a local joint with a father/son Mexican duo playing "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Take It Easy" by the Eagles at our table side. I loved their Latin influence to such American iconic songs. I've stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. I know what the Eagles were singin' about.

I love times like these. Last night was really special. We sang right there in the restaurant along with our own private musicians and laughed a lot. My closest friends know me well and knew I needed to sing and laugh.

It was a long week for me. My new job is kicking my butt but every day gets just a little better.

There were really no downsides to this week although I will say that my rosacea got really bad by yesterday. Rosacea hurts. For those who don't know what rosacea is ... it's a breakout on the face that results in really red cheeks accompanied by broken blood vessels and little rash-like pimples. It usually lays dormant until a couple of things occur. For me, stress causes the worst outbreaks. While I didn't really feel outwardly stressed at my new job, I clearly was because my face started hurting early in the week and I've had the worst outbreak I've ever experienced. My face feels like it's on fire and I get little pin-prick sensations throughout the day. Worrying about it doesn't make it any better. The other cause is from spicy food, which I try to avoid when I'm having an outbreak. Of course, I couldn't resist the hot salsa on the table last night so today my face is fairly red. Taking hot showers doesn't help. Caffiene should also be avoided for those suffering from this ailment. I'd like to say I didn't drink coffee today and took a cool shower but it wouldn't be true.
The best I can do to cure it is to "take it easy ... don't the let sound of your own wheels drive you crazy". We have no plans for anything other than a potluck gathering which will be fun and the rest of the weekend should peaceful and easy, giving my face a chance to right itself. 

"I get a peaceful, easy feeling. And I know you won't let me down.
Cause I'm already standing ... on the ground."  ~ The Eagles ~
love, susan


  1. I bought a cute little animated story today. Reading this intsantly brought the story to mind. The title is "This, Too Shall Pass." It's one of the best apps I have ever invested in. Sometimes I need a reminder to just hold on. I'm sorry for your discomfort and stress, but they will pass. I hope it's soon. :) Be well.

  2. Yep!!! I use that phrase quite often. That and "one day at a time". That's just how I've gotten through the week. I know, from past experience, that things will get better as each day goes by. And they have! Some things are hard walking through but it's so worth it when one gets on the other side.

  3. Thank you for joining me again this week! :)


  4. Some things just translate well across cultures, apparently. I lived in Ecuador two years, and I cannot tell you how many times I heard "Hotel California". It was a big favorite.

    1. There are some albums I never tire of ... I love The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

      The other song these two gentlemen (father and son) played this particular night was "Big Love" by Fleetwood Mac and they nailed it. I think your observation is right on!


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