Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photo Journaling - December 1, 2012

I bought my hubby a new little digital Nikon CoolPix camera for his birthday and gave it to him early. I promptly took possession of it and snapped some pics of our day. I'm amazed by what a little $79 camera can do these days along with a little editing in Photoshop. The CoolPix is the perfect size for slipping into a pocket of his leather jacket.  Do you have a favorite camera?
Prosser, Washington

Prosser, Washington

Prosser, Washington

Abbie in B&W
Missy in B&W
Potluck dish
"Gilligan" the Parrotlet (he resides at The Penny Pincher
Thrift Store in Richland)



  1. LOL! I'll wager he's gonna love using that camera as much as Ashton K. does, once he gets to try it out. :) Lovely photos! I have several SLRs but my favorite is my Olympus E-620. She's a work horse, My Therd Eye. When I walk into Best Buy she makes the sensors go off. :)

    That bridge shot took my breath away.

    1. Haha! It's funny you mention Ashton Kucher ... my hubby can't stand him. I'm sure Ashton is laughing all the way to the bank with his endorsement of Nikon and all.

      I wanna D3100 .... and someday I will have it.

    2. LOL. I couldn't stomach him either until recently, when I asked myself why. I backtracked the dislike all the back to when he was on That 70s Show. but the only reason I came up with was his silliness. Had to tell myself, he's only expressing himself just as I am. Now I am over it. :) Your husband has his reasons too. We're all entitled. ;)

      Yes, you will. You deserve it. The way you shoot? I hope you get it for Christmas.

  2. Really lovely scenic shots ! Congrats on the new camera -I can see you using it more than your hubby :)) Incidentally, my hubby also bought a Nikon Coolpix some years back because he could carry it everywhere. Later on, I gave it away to my dad. Although my mom is using it now ! I am using a canon DSLR now.
    wishing you a lovely day !


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