Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodbye January 2017 ~ Life List

Looking Out My Window As the snow is still melting slowing, I hear on the news we have another storm blowing in late tonight, bringing 1 to 3 inches. Sigh. The upside is it will cover the dirty look the melting snow is giving us. I'm not complaining.
As I Ponder It was a rough weekend in political news. We are in strange times. I think about it every waking moment.
What I Am Learning This year I upped my intake of Vitamin D3 to 10,000 units. I also added a multivitamin after much research and I've had a much better winter experience than in winters past. This last year I found a new doctor who has rocked my world.
What I'm Creating Well, I finally finished my photo organizing project this morning. Today my first envelope full of photos is going out to my nephew in Minnesota. I think everyone who will be receiving photos will enjoy having them. It was time to let go of them.
What I'm Reading I made it to page 446 in "A Little Life". I did not carve out any time for reading last week or weekend. (sad face)
What I'm Watching No TV last week. Nada. Zero. The null set. I did, however, listen to NPR quite a bit.
What I'm Hearing I listened to a woman interviewed at the airport who is a PhD candidate as well as a US citizen who was detained. I understand about 200 people were kept in interrogation rooms. 200 people with green cards and legal status. Think about that for a moment. 
What's On My Camera I did get out for a bit on Saturday but the weather has been fickle. Can't wait for spring. This photo is of my meal prep for three lunches this week. I placed this roasted chicken and veggies on top of brown rice. Mmmm!
What's Happening in My Kitchen
  • Monday - leftover oven fried potatoes, chicken and salad
  • Tuesday - tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • Wednesday - French toast and scrambled eggs
  • Thursday - Hamburgers
  • Friday - Whatever is left
A Peek Into My Week I'm going over and feeding/watering chickens for my friends who have all but moved to the west side. He'll be back to pick up the chickens and the remaining things in their house and they are outa here. Sniff sniff. Dog class on Wednesday night. Meeting with a friend Tuesday night. The week is going to fly by, me thinks.
A Quote I Want to Share 
I am constantly amazed by man's inhumanity to man. Primo Levi
A Final Thought Things are getting interesting.

love, susan


  1. We both seem to have the same things on our minds!!

  2. Hey Mom! I'm on the exact same page right now. We decided at work to have a 10 minute timer. We're allowed 10 minutes to spin out about all of the political stuff going on and then we have to be productive again. It seems to be helping. As for the vitamin D, you may want to have your doctor check your levels. 10k IUS is quite a bit. I had to take 50k IUS three times a week for six weeks to "top off the tank," but now I'm at 2k IUS daily for maintenance. Just a thought.

    Your lunches sound great. I was on the fail boat this week. Monday was McDonald's on the way home from class, Tuesday was a cliff bar, and today was a mini bagel w/cream cheese, applesauce, and sliced cucumbers. Next week will be better.

    Love you!

    1. Some weeks are better than others for lunch prep. It definitely takes some time and thought. I did have my levels checked last year after taking the 10K units and I am right on the numbers of where I should be. I should have upped it a long time ago. I feel a lot better this year than I have any previous years we have lived here. That's not to say I want to live here forever. I'm ready to move to sunnier digs! We don't talk politics at work AT ALL. Probably a good thing. Okay, gotta get to work now. Love you!

  3. Way to go on finishing the photo organizing project!! What an accomplishment!


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