Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16: Anniversay Week ~ Life List

As I Ponder It was another week of cold weather in our region. More snow coming down today. We may reach an all-time record snowfall today. Whoop-de-doo.

Looking Out My Window One thing I've noticed this last week is that it is halfway light when I leave work in the evenings now. This is what SAD sufferers live for in the winter. There is light!

What I'm Learning I had a very nice day with a friend yesterday. She is about 15 years my junior. I'm learning that the things she struggles with are the same things I struggled with at that age. I wish I could assure her that it will all be okay and that we all have struggles. I don't know what day it happened but I have come to a point in my life where I don't feel the struggle any longer. Maybe it didn't happen on a certain day. Maybe it was like the frog who is placed in warm water, about to be cooked but he doesn't know it because it feels so comfortable. It feels like a passage. I've earned it and I've learned it. Deep thoughts. LOL!

What I'm Creating The other night I called a friend who lives in the country and has been house bound due to the snow. By the time I got off the phone (1.5 hours later), I had colored an entire page in my adult coloring book.

What I'm Reading A Little Life .... still. This book is 815 pages!

What I'm Watching Shameless (Netflix). I saw "Hidden Figures" at the theater. Great film.

What I'm Hearing The heat pump has not stopped running for 10 days straight. I can't imagine what my electric bill is going to be this month. Besides that, I keep hearing we're signing up a new president this week.

What's on My Camera I took a photo walk with my friend yesterday before we went to a movie. This one I took with my cell phone.

What's Happening in My Kitchen This week I bought a container of guacamole. I'm not one to buy a lot of pre-made stuff but the ingredients are all natural. I toasted a bagel, spread guacamole on it and topped with sliced yellow pepper for a gourmet veggie sandwich. OMG! I'm going to try posting a menu here and see how well I do at following it:
  • Monday: Chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes
  • Tuesday: Chicken Tacos
  • Wednesday: Pork chops and salad
  • Thursday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese sands
  • Friday: BLT's
Quote from A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara:  "He had known people -- he knew people -- who were, technically, much better artists than he was. They were better draftsmen, they had better senses of composition and color, they were more disciplined. But they didn't have any ideas. An artist, as much as a writer or composer, needed themes, needed ideas. And for a long time, he simply didn't have any."

A Peek Into My Week I'm hoping to get to dog class this week but it may not happen as warmer weather blows in we will have a big mess on the roads. It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Fourteen years!

A Final Thought I am feeling pretty good this winter. I've changed some things up in my vitamin regimen and trying to eat better and stay moving. It has helped my winter mood immensely. It feels good to feel good.

love, susan

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! We are having soup and sandwiches on Thursday too!! Probably will be tomato soup and grilled cheese even! Have a super week Susan!!


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