Monday, February 6, 2017

Early February: Life List

As I Look Out My Window We still have snow on the ground but it warmed enough that I wore my flip flops out last night. I have an "above-freezing" rule. If it's above freezing, my feet deserve some air. I was born to have my feet free.
As I Ponder Saturday night we went out for pizza with some great friends. Winter has us all suffering cabin fever so when someone mentioned going out, I got on it and everyone we invited showed up. Apparently, everyone else in this city had the same idea as the local pizza place was jammed with families. We squeezed our group in and it really lifted my spirits. My friend's 16 year old daughter sat at our table and we had a great discussion about all the books she's read. There is hope for our future!
What I'm Learning Perseverance is my strong suit. I finally finished organizing my photo collection and I'm mailing out the last envelope today. I have heard back from many people who I sent old photos to and they are happy to have them. I underestimated how long it would take me to get through all of them but once I had them spread out, I made myself see it to the end. I'm not a quitter.
What I'm Creating I have a stack of envelopes for a month long project to send out a card every day to someone. They are already addressed so all I have to do is write notes. Writing is a love second only to photography. Since this is February, some people will be receiving a valentine.
What I'm Reading Still reading A Little Life, which is not a little book. I got some reading time over the weekend and I think I'll be able to finish this book by end of the week. The next book in line is Megyn Kelly's Settle for More.
What I'm Watching I watched about half of Finding Dory on Saturday. Love me some Ellen DeGeneres!
What I'm Hearing Pretty much everyone I know loved the Super Bowl game yesterday and half-time entertainment by Lady Gaga. I saw her interview on CBS Sunday Morning and couldn't wait to see what she'd bring to the show. If you missed it, you can watch it here Lady Gaga Interview on CBS Sunday Morning
What's on My Camera Remi and I chilled all of Sunday. I rarely have days where I don't leave the house at least once to run an errand or to take photos but I made myself sit still yesterday. I even took a much needed two hour nap, guilt free. Remi got to go down to the park and run off some steam on Saturday. Here we are chillin' and watching the game. Often times when I am at work, I think about Remi and wish she was sitting next to me at my desk. I really get the whole service/therapy dog thing. My dream job would include an office dog.
What's Happening in My Kitchen Lots of leftovers. We'll likely have sloppy joes for the 3rd time to finish it off. Tomato soup. It's going to be one of those weeks where we eat what we've got since I didn't make it to the store yesterday.
A Quote I Want to Share Do with what you have. (I think my mom said this a lot)
A Peek Into My Week I'm going to finish that book I'm reading, come hell or high water. Write some letters. Go to lunch with a work friend. Dog class on Wednesday. Work hard.
A Final Thought It was nice to take a break yesterday from the political shit storm that has reigned down on us the last two weeks. When Face the Nation came on yesterday morning, I listened for a minute and promptly turned it off. The Super Bowl was a nice distraction. I'm glad I watched it. I hope America felt the relief as much as I did. We'll see.

love, susan


  1. When we visited grandchildren in January, our youngest grandchild insisted on watching Finding Nemo over and over and over. Drove my husband nuts, so he went to the store and bought Finding Dory. The little guy was so happy! Still... by the end of our visit, we'd had enough of that one, too. hahaha

    Another fun part of our trip was visiting with our "grand-dogger". She is such a sweet dog, we nearly packed her in our suitcase to sneak her home with us. I loved having her sit on my lap. Very calming. Not sure of the breed. She was adopted from a shelter. Looks like a mix of dachshund and chihuahua maybe.

  2. I love the idea of you sending out a card to someone everyday! Mail seems to be a lost art doesn't it? You had a good life list!!

    1. I do love to write hand-written letters but never seem to have the time during Christmas holidays so this suits me well. I'm really enjoying writing a Monday Life List ... really nice idea!


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