Monday, January 2, 2017

Second Day of the New Year: Life List

LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW There are 5 inches of new snow. We've had our share already this year. I'm off today and can't wait to put my boots on and take the dogs out to play. 
AS I PONDER what I'll do today, I'm glad I took care of a few household chores yesterday so I could choose to read all day. I probably won't but I could! My home office looks like a cyclone hit it and I want to get it cleaned up so I enjoy sitting there. I feel a creative wave coming and I like having a clean space when it hits.
WHAT I AM LEARNING My husband thinks I'm a bit crabby this winter. I thought I was doing pretty well with the seasonal affective disorder but I have to take his word for it. A very good advisor once told me that when people say things I don't like or don't think are true, that I need to run them through a little inventory. If it's not true, dismiss it. If it is true, I need to do something about it. He wouldn't lie to me. It must be true.
WHAT I AM CREATING I am making birthday cards for my 50+ co-workers. I am on the "Sunshine" committee. We are tasked with doing things at the office to keep morale up. I could go out and buy cards but I prefer to make them. Today, I will send in a print order to Costco for enough prints to make at least half of the cards this week.
WHAT I'M READING "A Little Life" by Hanya Yanagihara. An attorney at work gave it to me for Christmas. I've been dying to read it.
WHAT I'M WATCHING We started watching "Shameless" last week. It seems I can't get enough stories about dysfunctional people. My husband is a couple of episodes ahead of me because I tend to fall asleep while watching tv at night. 
WHAT I'M HEARING Not much. I deactivated my FB account on New Year's eve. I'm so sick of the news and the constant chatter. I need a break from it. 
WHAT'S ON MY CAMERA  My hubby. We took a short road trip to the bird  refuge on Friday. I saw a bunny but he was too fast for my lens.
A QUOTE:  When in doubt, don't.  - Susan Arthur
WHAT'S HAPPENING IN MY KITCHEN When I'm home on the weekends, I usually make a big batch of oven fried potatoes, which I have perfected. This week, we will be using what we have in the freezer and cupboards to make creative meals. With the fresh snow and lack of this city's snow plowing efforts, I am not going to the store today. We will not starve. 
A PEEK INTO MY WEEK Dog training commences this week. We have 4 more classes in this session. There is nothing else on my calendar.
A FINAL THOUGHT We went out last Friday night with a regular group of friends. We met for Chinese food and karaoke afterwards. The place was a real dive but the food was pretty good. The best part was the laughter. I appreciate each one of my friends because getting away for a date like that is not always easy. I appreciate that each took the effort to show up. I like to have something to look forward to on my calendar. January's page is kind of bleak right now but perhaps today I'll cook up something to pencil in.
love, susan Y


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love your lists!

    1. Feel free to use this list and add to it! I copied it from another blogger because I loved it so much. It gives me something to think about for the week.

  2. Isn't it true that sometimes the restaurants that look like real dives have the best food! I need to work on my life list. I might just wait for next week. Time will tell. Liked seeing a picture of your hubs!

    1. I'm getting lots of "likes" on the life list format. I might change up the lead sentences one of these days. Or not. :-)


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