Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Can't Be a Real Housewife of Tri-Cities

Another inspiring prompt from Mama's Losin' It Writer's Workshop.  This prompt literally jumped off the page at me.  I love lists and this one will be easy-peasy.

10 Reasons I Suck as a Housewife 

  1. I despise housework.
  2. I rather dislike shopping.
  3. I prefer to have someone else clean the oven.
  4. I stink at trying to figure out what to make for dinner.
  5. I am a terrible gardener.
  6. I have absolutely no decorating skills.
  7. I almost always would rather be somewhere else than home.
  8. I don't do windows.
  9. I do laundry on an "as-needed" basis. 
  10. I am no Martha Stewart.
How about you?

love, susan


  1. I despise housework but I have accepted it just like many others things that I despise . I have tried to add some creativity to mundane routine task like housework for e.g. trying to cook new things when I get bored. Or cooking only the simple basic things when I am busy with some other work.
    I do housework but not at the cost of sacrificing my creativity like writing, photography and painting !
    Take care,

  2. "Show me a person with a spotless perfect home and I'll show you the workings of a twisted diseased mind." I don't know where that came from. Something Erma Bombeckish about it though! :)

  3. When I look up and I still have some memory I dont think the dishes and dusting will be what I want to think about. It is the memorys of the great trips and fun things along the long road. Keep the memorys adding up for as we get older some will fade. What a ride..chocolate in one hand and glass of wine in other.........yaaaaaa hoooooooo....

  4. Unfortunately I've been accused of being on Martha before, however, I swear I didn't inhale.

    The worst one on the list for me is dinner. I suck at planning ahead. I do laundry for fun. It's a sickness I swear.

  5. I only have one way to respond to this...

    I ain't no Susie Homemaker. :)


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