Monday, May 14, 2012

690 Miles ~ A Record Run for This Mama

At Rowena Crest
Three days of motorcycling made me so happy to show up for work today. 

690 miles. I felt like someone stabbed a hot knife in my back for the last 200 of it but I kept riding. What are ya gonna do? Call your mama?

Richland-->Vancouver-->Astoria--> Hillsboro -->Richland

A fun 3 days but I'm not gonna sign up for that again anytime soon. I'm thinking 200 miles will be like nothing the next time we go. It's about perspective.

This is the longest motorcycle trip I've been on. I'm not sure I'm ready to do it again but we likely will. The best part was riding down roads we've not travel together before. The worst part was we did too much stopping on the ride home and ended up in the heat of the day. Luckily, I had plenty of ice water on board. It is unseasonably warm here right now and it can cause havoc if you're not hydrated.

I was glad to get to see my dad before he left for Alaska today. He'll be up there all summer and into early fall.

Me and my Dad
On the way home yesterday, we stopped in The Dalles and shared a plate of pad Thai and fresh spring rolls at our most favorite Thai restaurant, Montira's Thai Cuisine. It was mother's day and I'm a mother. I will forever regret not having a Thai iced tea.

Me and my honey-bunny
It seems like it took forever to get home after eating lunch. The only thing holding my attention to the road was that horrible stabbing pain between my shoulder blades. I'm pretty sure it's the reason more bikers stay on the road than ones who fall asleep at the handle bars. 

It was an epic weekend in my life. One of many. I can hardly wait to see where we go next!

love, susan


  1. Love that Thai Iced Tea! True story: Last time I had Thai food delivered, I ordered 2 Thai Iced Teas - one for dinner and one to save for the next day. Good thing I did this as I turned around and knocked one of them all over my carpet! A bit of a mess!

    1. Oh, how I love Thai ice tea. I cringe at the thought of tipping one over! The people sitting across from us each had one and they were in these big, tall beautiful glasses. Oh, I can taste it right now! Next time I may not have so much willpower.

  2. That is definitely a long ride. My back would have been screaming - as would have my tailbone. I've had to put a pillow in my car to sit on because the long roadtrips I've been taking are taking their toll on my butt! LOL

    But it's so nice to be on the open road!


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