Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Ride to Walla Walla - 132 Miles

Walla Walla, WA.  A city they loved so much, they named it twice.

We took a short motorcycle trip today, logging 132 miles to Walla Walla, taking a route I've never been on before. I love those lonely country roads nobody else takes.  We only had to slow down once for a pair of deer to cross the road.  Mercy, they are such fearful animals but so cute when they hop like bunnies through the fields. 

We stopped to share a sandwich in Walla Walla and then headed home with a nice, long rest at the bird refuge. If my card reader was working properly, I'd have some fun pics to post. We saw 11 turtles resting on a log today catching some rays. A sight I have never seen before. They managed to all fit on the log by pigging-backing each other which made it look like they were playing leap frog. I think nature is amazing when I see things like this. We also saw a gazillion yellow finches and another beautiful orangy-yellow songbird I have yet to identify. I don't fancy myself as a true bird watcher but maybe with a few more years under my belt and nothing else to do, I could get into it. I shot some pics and maybe I'll get them posted soon.

It was a nice, short ride considering we are running at $8.20 a gallon every time we both roll.  Yikes. The weather could have not been more perfect.

Hope you did whatever it is you love to do on a Sunday afternoon.  It's back to work for me today!

love, susan 


  1. Darn when you lump both prices together really sounds high. How many MPG thou. Value is in memories.

    1. We both get somewhere around 45 mpg on the average. So it's not a lot different than driving in the car.

      Yeah, how do you put a price tag on memories???

  2. Might have been a Bullocks (sp?) Oriole. Those guys are plentiful out West. A pretty bird to look at though. Sounds like a nice day to be out!

    1. I checked it out on and I believe you're right!!!

  3. Sounds like such fun fun, going to Walla Walla. Double name, double gas prices, double fun. What a way to spend sunday. woo too


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