Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Road Less Traveled to Bickleton (263 Miles R/T)

(This photo was taken last fall)
The trip to Bickleton, WA was interesting today. We rode down a road we've not been before only to discover the pavement ended onto gravel. We had to turn around and backtrack, which only took us 24 miles out of our way. The new road provided gorgeous views and it also showed me how gracious the peeps we ride with really are. For a moment, I was in great fear that I would run short on gas because my bike has a smaller tank than everyone else. They assured me they would not leave me behind if I ran out.

We finally ended up at the Bluebird Inn for lunch about 2:30'ish. I found out there was a couple riding with us that came along on our ride because they thought we were the Harley Owners Group (HOG) they were supposed to meet at the same place we met. The HOG had been there but they left before we did. They didn't know they were with the wrong group until we stopped to take a break. It was great because they were a really nice couple and they were acquainted with one of the guys in our group. The more the merrier.

Here's what I learned today:
  • If your group leaves you behind, just ride with somebody else. Hopefully, it will be a nice group like us!
  • Go down roads you've never been down before. So what if you have to turn around? The view is always different coming and going.
  • Trust your peeps when they say they'll cover you. I only worried for a moment about running out of gas. 
  • When the guy in front of you extends his leg out from either side of his bike, he's pointing at something that's on the road he wants you to avoid. Today there was a lot of roadkill. Gross.
I hope you got out for a Sunday drive today!  love, susan


  1. Oh I wish I had a bike...and not a pedal bike. lol
    Sounds like you had so much fun.

    1. Oh Dani, we ALWAYS do have fun! I've never come home from riding and said "sure wish I hadn't done that today!" LOL!!

  2. I have only ridden on a bike once in my life. I remember the wind blowing through my hair... the way the bike rumbled beneath me... and hanging onto my friend for dear life because I was nervous we would fall over when he went around corners. But when the ride was over, and he dropped me back at my house, I wished I could get back on. I never have.

    My brother Steve rides. He really got into it more after his son was killed in a car accident. He said being on the open road, on his bike, is very therapeutic for him. He rides with a great group and they have a regular "every other Sunday" routine of meeting up for a ride to the "country" where they have lunch at one of the many historic inns.

    1. Oh my heart aches when I hear of someone losing their child.

      Yes, being on the rode is a feeling like no other. I always say a little prayer to the motorcycle gods to keep me safe, focused and to have the best day of riding ever. So far, that's worked. I never go out if I have something weighing heavy on my mind.

      We have a group of friends we ride with regularly. Sometimes we like to just go on our own so we can stop when we want and change our minds about what roads to take. It certainly has been a thing I love doing ever since I decided to try it about 6 years ago.


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