Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

I went til about noon today before my cousin told me she thinks Friday the 13th is a lucky day.

I tend to agree with her logic. 

We had just pulled out of a parking lot of a dentist office where she dropped off an application for a job. In the last two weeks, she has hand-delivered her resume to at least 35 dentist offices.

And then her phone rang.

It was a dentist who lives less than 2 miles from our house. He wants her to come for an interview on Monday. If he hires her, he will undoubtedly be the luckiest dentist on earth. She is a real joy and we are lucky to have her with us as she transitions into a new life away from where she was born and raised.

And the luck doesn't end there. We are headed to a company luau and dance tonight. 

Lucky Friday the 13th. I hope it was for you, too!

love, susan



  1. It was lucky for me too! I asked for the afternoon off to work in the yard and was told I did not need to submit a leave slip!!

  2. It was lucky for me too! I asked for the afternoon off to work in the yard and was told I did not need to submit a leave slip!!

    1. That's FABULOUS Kathy! I long for those days when supervisors had the good sense to do things like that. It keeps us worker bees soooooo happy!

      I hope you had sunshine too! Love it!!

  3. Yes! I didn't know today was the 13 until now. I had a fistful of challenging moments today and I talked myself through them. I refused to give up my joy. And it worked. Then there was mail. A great, bulging envelope with photos, and some of the loveliest words written and addressed to me were tucked on top. One of the postcards was in such a hurry it tumbled out and onto the floor. Photos are from Pete. :)

    Sending positive thoughts your cousin's way. Hope you had a great 24/7.

    1. Ahhhh ... he sent you photos? That's sooooo nice! He's a great guy!!! He's a fellow photographer, among other things.

  4. For me, Friday the 13th was a day full of hard work but a beautiful day ! My husband invited some of his ex-co workers for dinner. I cleaned the house , cooked , mopped the floor and washed the dishes . The guests loved my cooking and we had such a wonderful conversation - both before and after dinner - it was great !
    I am happy that your cousin is going to start a new life soon, all the best to her.
    BTW, the guest that we had invited, the wife of one guest is a dentist too !

    1. I love dinner with friends. I NEVER turn down an invitation to someone else's house for dinner and this year I made a resolution to have more dinner parties at my place.

      There are a LOT of dentists in this area so I'm sure if she's not offered this job it will just be a matter of time before she finds someplace to fit in.

      Thanks for following me!!


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