Monday, April 23, 2012

Three Hundred Ten Miles

Nice ride yesterday. I forgot my camera so I had to snag this photo of Roslyn, WA from the web. We had never been here before and neither had some of our biker friends. 

Roslyn is the location where they filmed "Northern Exposure". It's a sweet little town where you have to ride through trees to arrive. Although I couldn't see his face, I know Gene was smiling. He loves trees and on a hot sunny day like yesterday, those shady trees were a biker's friend. I downed a couple of glasses of water when we sat down for lunch. It would prove to be prudent as the temps rose to 83 degrees by the time we headed home. 

I was telling a friend yesterday that I've come a long way in motorcycling. When we arrived here almost 4 years ago, the longest ride I had been on was 100 miles round trip. If we ride anything short of 200, it feels like a short one. 

There are many places that remain to be seen. I wonder where we will go next?

love, susan

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