Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love It

I'm up late this morning so I'm going to use a prompt from Mama's Losin It. A nice website for those looking for ideas when you run out of your own.  Imagine that!  Once a week, I receive an email with 5 ideas.  Love that!

Today, I chose an easy one:

What do you love most about your job?

 I love so many things about my current job I will list them! They are not in any particular order.

Fridays off, every day is casual day, great people, productive work, potlucks once a month, "team" mentality, safety is number one priority, start work at 6:30a.m., 30 minute lunch, fun events, educational staff and safety meetings, top-notch communication. I have yet to find anything I don't like about this company.

What's not to love about that?  How about you?  Got a job you love? Retired?  What do you love about how you spend your day? Tell me!

love, susan 


  1. Wahm - I can spend quality time with my children! Do fun activities throughout day and have me time when dh gets home... Or family time;)

    1. You work much longer hours than I do, for sure!

      WAHM = Work at home mom!

  2. Right now my only "paying" gig is a little part time job of driving cars. I love the flexibility and variety, and especially love getting out of my office (home) and seeing sights beyond my four walls. I usually work one day a week and drive 7 or 8 different cars. I never know what I will get until they hand me the keys. Could be anything ranging from a beat up truck that looks like the owner caught a deer and turned it loose in the cab...to a tricked out punkster turbo car that pumps up and down as I drive...to a luxury vehicle where I cruise along in style. The job is very flexible. If I'm in the middle of a creative streak with my screenplays, or I'm watching my little grandchildren, and get called to drive, I have the option of saying I'm unavailable, and they call me the next time. I can also call and let them know, "I'm going nuts! I need to drive!" and go to work if they need me, which was the case this week.

  3. I love my job because I get to make my own hours, pick and choose who I want to work with, and take time off whenever I want. Of course this is all possible because I am married to a man who works very hard to support us. And of course he supports my passion too.

    I worked for someone else my entire life. It wasn't until my kids launched and I was empty nesting that I was able to focus on doing what I WANTED to do and not what I needed to do. Life has been good to me/us.

    I love the casual dress too. *grin*

    1. Yeah, it probably hardly seems like a job, right? But I know it's hard work and you never know what conditions you are heading into. I envy your job!


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