Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take Five

I really dig the rust on this.
Hubby got me out of the house today just about 2 minutes before I went stark raving mad. I don't like to be such a bore about the weather but honestly the gray skies need to just move on now.

A while back I blogged about a guy who was on a quest to take a million photos. I had decided back then to try just taking five. I ran across that post this morning and it got me out of the house today.

I thought, "what if I just take my new camera and see if I can find 5 things to shoot"?

Look what I found! Okay, this may not mean much to you, but I'm still just getting acquainted with my new Nikon. We're warming up to each other and I haven't left the safeness of automatic yet. I'm still getting accustomed to a much larger piece of equipment around my neck.
We often see stray dogs when we are out. Doesn't he look
like a little fox?

Seems when I really look for it, I can find signs of life even in this abyss.

BONUS: When I got home, a friend called and asked me to meet her for some frozen yogurt and girl talk.

My otherwise drab and gray day has turned out to be full of color and joy beyond anything I could have imagined.

love, susan

An empty bird next, so beautiful in design.
Not everything is dead!

We got a skiff of snow last night.
Can you see it on the pine cone?


  1. That Nikon and you are going to become best friends! I love photography. You pictures are great! Isn't it fun?? Your drab day wasn't drab at all!

  2. I love your images. :) And shooting in auto is the perfect way to learn your way around a camera. Once you move into the manual modes, you'll open up an entirely new world to your lens using your own creativity. I find myself using aperture priority (AV on my Canon) for most all my shooting. The reason I choose this is because I like to be in control of my depth of field. (Easy way to remember: smaller the number (f/3.5) the less that's in focus. The larger the number (f/22), the more that's in focus). Much easier than reading about aperture sizes and light coming in, yada yada yada. I switch to shutter priority (TV on my camera) when shooting sports and other things where I know I want to stop action. As for total manual mode? I only use that when I'm in my studio (using lights) or when I want to control many aspects of my image. But for the most part AV and TV are my "go-to" choices.

    Boy, do I miss color!

    1. Thank you, Susan Stevenson, for the GREAT tips! You must have known that all the numbers are confusing to me. I used to have an Olympus 35 mm (film!) camera and once took a photography class to try to get to manual. I took pretty good photos before the class but afterwards, I really struggled. I'm going to take your tips here and my camera out over the weekend and just focus on one tip at a time. If I haven't learned anything else in life, it's that I need to just slow down and learn one thing at time and build it up. I wish I lived nearby as I would certainly be one of those people who would love to do road/photo trips with you! Thanks again for the tips!!

  3. i love the two pine cone pictures. Glad you were able to get out.


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