Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mind Traveling

Going backwards a year in my post yesterday worked so well for getting me through the day, I decided to try it again this morning.
I shot this photo in Newport, Oregon last year down on the docks.  Newport is a sleepy little town in the winter. We parked the car and walked the main street  running into only one other couple who were visiting from another state, or it could have been Canada. I do remember they had a dog that looked a bit like ours, which is always a nice ice breaker for me. My husband doesn't need an icebreaker to talk with strangers. I wish I had that knack.
There were fishermen on the docks and in the fish processing plant. As we walked by, the smell of ocean and dead fish reminded me of where I went to high school in Alaska.  I have forgotten many things in my life but there are some things embedded that make me wonder about the mind. Why smelly fish guts?
The sea lions are hated by the fishermen. But I gotta tell you ... who couldn't love a face like this?  Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?
With that, I'm heading on out into Thursday and see what kind of fun I can find today.
What do you remember about where you grew up?  Tell me!
love, susan

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