Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Past Future Tripping

So, I decided this morning that I gotta get out of this winter funk I find myself wallowing in.  It does me no good to write about the gray and it certainly is not inspiring to anyone else.

The best way I know how to cheer myself is to do what has worked before.  This morning I went into my 2013 February archives and pulled out this pic from a trip we took to Newport, Oregon last year.

It made me smile! So did the blog post from that trip.

For some reason, we have always hit super good weather on the Oregon coast in February. We have a trip planned next month out to Cape Lookout for an overnight in a yurt with the grandkids.  It will be a first ... staying in a yurt and in February. 

No matter the weather, a day at the beach trumps everything. It's something to look forward to. I need to "future trip" sometimes.

How do you get through the long winter days?

love, susan


  1. You absolutely must take a picture of the yurt. When I worked in loan processing it was one of the types of dwellings that we wouldn't do loans for, but I had (and still don't have) a clue as to what one looks like. Love you!

    1. I sure will! It is heated and has electricity. Impossible to rent in summer or fall. Often th weather is awesome at beach so we're chancing it.


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