Monday, January 20, 2014

Anywhere But Here

I think the genetics of being Irish are that you sort of prefer when it's rainy and cloudy. It's just genetic. ~ Kate Flannery

Whatever you say, Kate Flannery.

I may be Irish but I was born in California and I am not intended for this kind of weather. It has been gray for four days in a row and I am about to go stir crazy. Cabin fever has set in. We did get out today to take a family member to the airport. I shot this picture on the way home.
I don't often feel this way, but today I'd rather be anywhere but here. The gray, drizzling fog/rain makes my bones ache and awakens a hungry monster that never seems to get enough to eat. I found myself fanaticizing about my old workplace in Arizona calling me and begging me to come back. I'm pretty sure at the peak of today, I would have gone.
This girl needs some sunshine ... soon.
love, susan


  1. I feel for you. The sunshine was great here today.

  2. I know what you mean. Every time I start to think I like Michigan it has a disgusting bout for a few days. We can do this!

    1. Same here ... I love this place except on gray days. :-)

  3. Totally get it. We are having rain in January up here in Alaska. But I am headed to Mexico for treatments sunday so i am hoping in between treatments I can get out on the patio for some sun. lol

    1. Sunshine will do you good! Keep us posted Dani!


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