Monday, January 13, 2014

Road Tripping

I got a new camera last week. I've been sitting on buying a new one for over a year now and finally a great deal came along and the timing was right.
It's a little scary because the expectation is that I'll take better photos, be able to get out there a little further with a bigger lens, etc.
Yesterday I spent a couple hours with a friend, taking a road trip out to Prosser. The wind from the day before was forecasted to be gone but it wasn't. We stopped for coffee at a place on the main drag. My friend showed me her recent photos from her trip to Hawaii while we lounged on the comfy couch in the café. I could tell that those photos will be a comfort to her in the next couple of weeks as winter bears down on us. This time of year we'd all like to be anywhere but here.
The thing is, we are here. And for me, it's important to try to find the beauty wherever I am. So we left the warmth and kindness of the friendly barrista and headed back home via Benton City. I don't why but I love driving through that little town. Turns out, my friend wanted to stop and get a closer look at an old abandoned warehouse built of bricks. I whipped out my camera and the photo here was my first shot. I have a long lens on and I had no idea what it would do as I leaned up against the building to get a shot of the texture.  This may not be exciting to anyone else but me. I have not had anything but a point and shoot for so long that it's going to be a blast figuring out what I can do with my new equipment.
My friend talked about how she'd love to buy that old building and she painted me a wonderful picture in her mind of how she would convert it. There was an open door and if we weren't such law abiding citizens it wouldn't have taken much for us to duck inside and check the place out. Oh, I can only imagine what my camera would have seen inside.
From there, we headed down the road and ended up at another favorite stand-by for stretching my legs, the cemetery.  The swans are always there and good for a photo op. He had his feathers up and I can see that I really need to do some studying on this new camera and get to manual settings quick. I should have had a better shot than this but I have no idea what I'm doing.
Turns out my friend has some places to show me where I've never been. I can hardly wait to go!
love, susan


  1. Susan, your photos are lovely. You "do" know what you are doing. Instinct is a good thing to follow. I love the swan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your pictures, especially the brick. Texture has always turned me on too. You definitely have a talent for both photography and writing. Looking forward to taking the journey with you, all of us together in Jacob's class...


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