Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby's Got Back

B A C K    S I D E S
Today's blog post is dedicated to back sides.  Weird? I know.

I was looking at my photos from the round-up I attended yesterday and realized I shot of lot of people's backsides.  Here's why.

I spotted these two cowboys leanin' up against the fence and I was wondering what they were thinking about. I mean ... really. They've probably seen a million cows in their lifetime. Do you suppose they're thinking, "gosh, I should be home mowing the lawn"? Perhaps not.
I like this backside shot but not for reasons you might normally think.  What?  What were you thinking?  I love this guy's paisley shirt.  OMGosh it was beautiful. I wonder if his mama knows he wore that shirt to do such dirty work? 

I adore the long sleeve, sturdy 100% cotton shirts most cowboys sport. So colorful and they look so professional, like they should be wearing them with their Wranglers on casual day a tthe office.  I wonder who picks them out for them? Likely some cute cowgirl fashionista, no doubt about it.

And then there's the backside of this very old border collie. I've seen him out here before and he's pretty much lost his stuff but he keeps a close eye on all the happenings.  There was very little running around like a lot of border collies do. I could hardly get him to even look at me.  It was all about the cows for him today. Faithful even in old age. Love that.

Oh, hey!!! See that purple shirt on the left?  Don't you just love it?

Branding really stinks.  Literally.  It smells really gross when the hair singes off the calf. I kept trying to get a position to snap pics where the wind wasn't blowing that awful smell in my face. I'm such a city girl.

I was impressed by how fast this operation was conducted. Talk about a well-oil machine!  They had probably 60 or 70 calves to brand, castrate and immunize. They dragged them out of the pen two at a time. The branding guy has an important job cuz the iron must be super extra hot, just like I order my lattes. That branding guy gotsta focus.  Oh, hey, do you love the red shirt??

I loved this little girl's braids. Come to find out, this little one was a pistol! I think this is her brother with her.  I visited with a couple of little squirts throughout the day. Love those country kids ... so friendly and not one cell phone or video game to be seen the entire day.  Just good old-fashioned, play-in-the-dirt and hold puppy dogs kinda day.
Well, that's about all the backsides I have to write about. It was such an awesome day, I hated for it to end.
Did you do something fun this weekend?  See any great backsides?
love, susan


  1. Great shirts! hahaha Where was this? It's pretty there. The shirts are great, but the backsides (especially the one in the paisley shirt) are not too bad either.

  2. I know you were checking all the fanny's...I would..;-)


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