Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is Your Life, This is Your Month

Happy May Day!  We woke up to freezing weather this morning so it's kind of hard to believe it's spring.
I love changing the calendar that I stick up on the fridge. When I take the old one down, I look at it to see where the time went last month. I try to write down upcoming events so I'll know what my choices for entertainment will be but April was full of doctor appointments, surgery for the hubby and a haircut/hi-light for me and a very nice surprise visit with a high school buddy who breezed into town.  The big event was the cow round-up I wrote about in my last post. It was not a bad month, just different.
May's calendar went up this morning completely blank. With hubby's hand casted it will definitely change how we spend our off time. I'm totally okay with this. No plans yet but we've got some container gardening goin' on and that will require some time and effort on our part. I'm thinking a trip to the dog park and I wanna make time to go see the Dock Dogs of Tricities practice on Monday nights. For those who don't know what that is ... it is simply throwing a floating object off the end of the dock and seeing how far your dog can fly before it hits the water. They've made a competition out of it and I'm very interested in seeing it done. I have a border collie who is part bird and I think she'd like it.  Thing is, I don't know if she can swim ... (laugh out loud).
One of the lawyers at work retired yesterday. It was literally his last day of work. At the end of the day, we had a gathering for cake & cookies. A lot of folks showed up and gave him a nice send off. He had worked every day for 38 years. Imagine that.
This is your life. This is your month. How are you going to spend it?
love, susan


  1. Nice. I started a blog. Don't know what I'm doing but guess it's a reasonable start.

    1. Art ... I look forward to "following" you on your blog! Write on!!!


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